Allowing Yourself to be Vulnerable

I am a ViuHealth ambassador and every month we have a Roundtable with other autoimmune warriors to discuss topics relevant to our community. This month on October 6 I am honored to be able to host the roundtable and speak about allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

This topic is very close to me because in my never ending journey of becoming my best self I have come to find out that being vulnerable does not mean you are weak like I had previously thought, but it requires an immense strength within.

So I am excited to speak about this topic briefly during the roundtable and will be making a more detailed blog post as well as a podcast to follow. If you have not already heard my podcast, you can catch it on Spotify, Anchor, Apple and Google podcasts. Listen to an episode by clicking here and make sure you follow!

If you would like to join us for the roundtable register by clicking here:

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