My oldest son is an athlete at a top school here in San Diego and every Friday night his body endures a physical beating during the football games. One way he would help restore his body was ice baths the days after a game, but you can imagine sitting in a bathtub full of ice for half an hour isn’t very comfortable. So I started looking into other options for my guy. I kept hearing about the benefits of cryotherapy for athletes and so when I took him for his first session, the owner Alex told me that it also has benefits for those of us with chronic pain due to autoimmune diseases!

Since I bought a 3 session Groupon for Rise Prime Wellness in Del Mar, I asked if I could use one of the sessions to which the answer was yes! I tried to film a video to highlight the experience (check out the YouTube video), but honestly all the rave reviews I could give wouldnt prepare you for the benefits.

Normally when you go to get cryotherapy, the individual will stand in an enclosed chamber or a small enclosure that surrounds their body but has an opening for their head at the top. RISE Prime Wellness is the only medical practice is San Diego that operates a full-body electric cryotherapy unit. Whole Body Cryotherapy is a process by which a person enters a chamber with the goal of dropping the skin temperature by ~30 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, the underlying tissues experience a massive influx of blood flow leading to extreme benefits physically, psychologically, mentally, and emotionally. It has several applications in the areas of athletic training, recovery, injury rehabilitation, health, and general wellness.

Because of my diagnosis’ of neuropathy and Raynaud’s syndrome, I was nervous to go into a chamber that was negative 218 degrees in just my underwear. Normally when I get cold, my toes and fingers turn purple and its extremely painful. To keep your extremities covered Rise Prime does provide you with thick socks, UGG slippers, a headband, beanie and snow gloves. You walk into the changing room, get down to your underwear and put on a robe. Next you walk into the room with the chamber and before you step into the chamber itself you put on the slippers, snow gloves and cover your head. Your first visit they start you at 3 minutes, but after that you can increase the time gradually. Alex let me pick a song to listen to while I stood inside for 3 minutes, which I think helped pass the time because music helps me vibe out. I walked out of the chamber feeling refreshed and renewed. No purple fingers or pain, major bonus!

The standalone benefits include decreased muscle soreness & inflammation, improved oxygen-rich blood flow, improved athletic performance, improved joint, and lastly muscle, & tissue health. Visit their website to read more about the other benefits and to book your session, tell them Rosadela sent you!

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