Happy New Year to my lupus family! I pray everyone had a safe and pain free time bringing in the new year. I wanted to share this meme to hopefully inspire everyone to step out of their comfort zone. Sometimes we get stuck in these situations that we have no idea how we got there. When reality is, we got comfortable. We stopped fighting or working hard towards change and we settled.

I can not speak for everyone else but I know I for damn sure was a settler. I accepted defeat and I settled for where lupus was taking me. I stopped pushing myself to fight the disease and I stopped taking care of myself like I should. I had a terrible diet and was not consciously watching what I ate. I didn’t take mental breaks. I didn’t even KNOW what self-care looked like. I got comfortable and it made me miserable. Lupus took over and almost took my life. When I started getting comfortable being uncomfortable is when I started growing. Mentally and physically getting healthier.

Nowadays my goal every day is to step out of my comfort zone no matter what I am embarking on. I try new things even if it scares me a little. I accept what I cannot change and embrace the new things coming into my life.

This year I have started a new podcast, Through the Pain. Starting in February I will be hosting monthly lupus support groups through the Lupus Foundation of America. As of December 1, I am an editor on WebMD’s Facebook Lupus Community. These are all things I was once terrified to even attempt due to lack of self confidence. So my wish to you all is to take a moment to think of ways you can also step out of your comfort zone.

Here’s to new challenges and growth!

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