Recently I keep having flare ups and I can’t help but think it’s got to do with my poor eating habits. I think I eat better than I used to.. got rid of soda, less sugar in general, basically less of everything. But I still do salt, still have sweets, still indulge in my chips as snacks. Right now my skin is constantly itchy, I have rashes and bruises all over my legs and I’m at my wits end trying to resolve this. Sometimes the itchy skin keeps me up at night as it’s very uncomfortable.

I watch lots of documentaries and yes I’m a Google freak and seen gluten is a major cause of inflammation. So today actually I decided to try removing gluten from my diet. No breads, no tortillas, no rice, no pasta. All things I eat almost daily and way too much of. I made myself a nice green juice to try to detox this morning and we’ll see how I do with a gluten free diet for a week. I’d love for people to share their experiences with changing their diet. I’ll post success stories so maybe others can try different options. Doesn’t have to be specifically gluten free but what changes did you make and did they help? I’ll make a page for recipes too cause ya know, sharing is caring. 😉

Green juice I whipped up. Just threw a stash of spinach, a few celery stalks and three cut up green apples in the juicer.

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