Rosadela Durruthy, founder ,Shes Got Lupus

Born and raised in San Diego, CA I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE at the age of 23 in 2007.  My diagnosis began with severe joint pain that doctors dismissed as carpal tunnel due to my young age. Only with persistence on my part to ask the doctors to test me for Lupus were the doctors able to find out I had lupus sle. Throughout my journey I have additionally been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, asthma, diminished lung capacity, neuropathy, Raynaud’s disease, anemia, high blood pressure, insomnia, and arthritis. I have under gone a kidney biopsy, surgery to remove half my thyroid, chemo therapy treatments twice for a total of six months, nerve testing, and yearly lung function tests. I have had an invasive right heart cath procedure done that resulted in me getting a blood clot near my lungs. I have had pneumonia and shingles multiple times. I have experienced hair loss, tooth decay, skin rashes, skin ulcers on multiple body parts, multiple hospitalizations, depression, and muscle loss that resulted in me being wheelchair bound for a number of weeks. I have been told by doctors that my body is shutting down and yet still by the grace of God I am here to raise my three children. 

I have been living with lupus for 13 years now and refuse to let it bring me down. My favorite phrase is “she’s got lupus, lupus does not have her”.  Contact me through social media: Instagram: shesgotlupus, Facebook: ShesGotLupus, Twitter: @shesgotlupus

Emmitt Henderson

Emmitt Henderson, CEO, Male Lupus Warriors 

Through the years with Lupus, I went through major complications in my life because of it. It has affected almost every major organ and system in my body and most current, my brain. 

During that time, I felt Depressed because of how I looked, but I did not fall into Depression. I was too strong mentally to accept that my life is over considering everything I was going through with this disease. 

Going through it all, I maintained a positive outlook on everything because of my strong Mental Health. I became stronger mentally where I was ready to accept whatever Lupus brought to me physically.  It made me the Warrior I am today. 

I created my brand Male Lupus Warriors because that is exactly what I am. During my journey I haven’t found too many men speaking out on Lupus, so I decided to be the Voice. I decided to publicly advocate and tell my story to the Lupus Community in hoping to Inspire others. With all that I have been through with Lupus, I am still standing strong.  

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Lupus Warrior

Kizzi Hogan, Lupus Warrior

Lupus wasn't the only chronic illness I was fighting but it stole so much from me. It also taught me a lot of lessons and the importance of advocating for yourself when it comes to your health and medical care! 

Where am I now? I'm currently 41 years old. I'm a licensed and ordained minister as well as a published author. I do not take any medication for Lupus because all of them, OUS except Lyrica, caused me to have seizures. I'm on a strict diet that helps with inflammation. My kidneys and liver are very closely watched. I see my rheumatologist every 3 months. I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and A.S. since my Lupus diagnosis. Life is tough! I spend most of my time using walking aids or a wheelchair, but I'm still moving, still participating in life. I've got Lupus, but Lupus is not in control, I've got the reins in my hands!

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