Lupus Foundation of America, So Cal - Chula Vista Support Group

This is a private space for you to make friends, find lupus resources, and receive the encouragement you need for your lupus journey. You do not have to turn on your camera and/or audio.

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She's Got Lupus Paint n' Pot - July 24, 2021 

My first Lupus Awareness event was amazing! I need to upload all of the pictures still but here's the link for now: Paint N' Pot pictures. Please check back for updates! 

San Diego Guardians Basketball - Lupus Awareness Month May 26, 2021

Brief video of myself and Emmitt, the founder of Male Lupus Warriors, speaking during the SD Guardians halftime presentation for Lupus Awareness Month.  Thank you again to the San Diego Guardians basketball team for the platform!

Hooper Mentality presents The Locker Room - June 25, 2020

Moderator for online talk Hooper Mentality presents The Locker Room: Walanda Johnson

Topic: Self-Care is Discovering Your Voice and Power

So often we find ourselves in situations and experiences unhealthy for us because we have allowed fear and doubts to quiet our voice, our truth.  During this talk we discussed strategies and tools to unveil your authentic self, muzzle your fears, embrace you, and show up for your life!

Hooper Mentality presents The Locker Room - June 18, 2020

Moderator for online talk Hooper Mentality Presents: The Locker Room with Dr. Vangie Akridge. 

Topic: Racism: The Home Court Disadvantage.  During this session, we discussed the fact that sports can be unifying but it does negate the fact that racial tensions and misunderstandings still occur on the court, in the stands and in the media. 

Hooper Mentality: Living with Lupus

Thankful to have sat down with Hooper Mentality founder Patty Medina and talked about Living with Lupus. I'm not comfortable talking about my issues (especially not on camera!) BUT I learned sharing your story helps in the healing process so I'm stepping way out of my comfort zone here in hopes to help others come to terms with being diagnosed, to heal and accept help if needed. 

"Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease. Autoimmune diseases are serious conditions that occur when your own immune system attacks your healthy cells. There is still no cure for lupus. Rosadela shares her every day struggle with Lupus and enlightens us about this mystery disease!"

- Hooper Mentality