It’s 4am and for some reason this is my time my body wakes me up every night. Whether I went to bed at 9am or 3am. It used to bug me this insomnia but then I began to take it as my “quiet time” where the kids weren’t up. Instead of starting my day with tv or social media, I took the time to begin my day with prayer. Sometimes it was simple “thank you God for the wake up” other days “Please God let me get this job” or just prayers for my kids, my loved ones, this current world situation. Just my time to speak to God and put my worries out to Him so that I’m not sitting here spinning out of control losing my mind over problems and situations that are out of my control.

So whatever it is that’s got you bothered this moment I encourage you to take a few moments out of your day to sit and talk with God. If you’re not really sure where to begin, start with a “Hey God, thank you.”

Bless up.

Prayers can move mountains. How do you get closer to God? If this doesn’t apply, no need to make a stink. We’re entitled to have our own beliefs. This is mine.

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