As I sit here wide awake I see it’s 2:52am and I’ve been fighting falling asleep since about midnight. Nothing like feet numbness causing pain that keeps you up all night. I finally take a Gabapentin to help the nerve pain go away long enough for me to fall asleep but this whole week it’s been creeping up on me and tonight it was just overwhelming. It started as an itchy feeling in my lower ankles, the next night was itchy with slight numb feeling and tonight full blown itchy skin and complete numbness in my feet and toes that has got me wide awake. I am welcome to suggestions for ways to sleep better or through the night. If I do fall asleep I usually wake up around 3am, the so called “witching hour” and am just in bed restlessly tossing and turning. I try reading, there’s so much Netflix and tv shows you can take. Anyways. No real reason for the post other than to showcase a symptom many other Lupies experience and that’s insomnia. Be kind to someone going through lupus, we may not “look” sick but there’s so much going on under the surface.

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