I know that living with a chronic illness can be debilitating to our mental and physical state but my goal is to help you see that you are capable of living a good life, even with a disease.
I offer 1:1 Coaching, Speaking Engagements, host a Podcast “Through the Pain”, facilitate a monthly Lupus Support Group through the Lupus Foundation of America, and moderate WebMD’s Lupus Support Facebook group all efforts to help you. Reach out to me with the form below to contact me!


Over the years, I committed to my personal growth and development. In 2022 I become a Certified Life Coach to develop my coaching skills to further help empower my autoimmune disease community. I found the more I shared my story of healing, others reached out to me about how it helped empower them in their own journey. I developed a course to aid others in their chronic illness journey to see that while we can not change our diagnosis, we can change our mindset and push through the pain mentally to become the best version of ourselves.