Have you ever wondered whats the relation to a wolf and lupus? When I was first diagnosed and joining lupus support groups I kept wondering to myself whats with all the wolf stuff?

The name LUPUS actually comes from a latin word meaning “wolf”. The thirteenth century physician Rogerius, used it describe erosive facial lesions that looked like a wolf’s bite. The lupus-caused rash on a person’s face makes the person’s face look like the face of a wolf. So while the usual symbol is the butterfly, also known because of the “butterfly” rash on a person’s face, the actual word itself meaning is wolf.

Not many lupus patients like to hold the wolf as mascot because of it’s more sinister reputation. My struggle with lupus holds a darker side of lupus, but they are still beautiful creatures. Some may think of it as a negative connotation, but I believe your perception of your situation can change everything.

Those of us with lupus can strive to rise above the negative parts of living with lupus, and refuse to let it dominate and destroy our quality of life. We cannot make it go away, but we can come to terms with it, proactively manage it, and celebrate what we have versus what we have lost to the disease.


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