Born and raised in San Diego, CA I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE at the age of 23 in 2007. An uncle of mine also has lupus and is paralyzed due to a stroke and kidney failure causing him to be on dialysis. I would assist with his at-home care so I had firsthand experience in seeing the effects of lupus on someone’s life.

My own diagnosis began with severe joint pain that doctors dismissed as carpal tunnel due to my young age. Only with persistence on my part to ask the doctors to test me for Lupus were the doctors able to find out I had lupus sle.

Throughout my lupus journey I have additionally been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, asthma, diminished lung capacity, neuropathy, Raynaud’s disease, anemia, high blood pressure, insomnia, and arthritis. I have under gone a kidney biopsy, surgery to remove half my thyroid, chemo therapy treatments twice for a total of six months, nerve testing, and yearly lung function tests. I have had an invasive right heart cath procedure done that resulted in me getting a blood clot near my lungs. I have had pneumonia and shingles multiple times. I have experienced hair loss, tooth decay, skin rashes, open wound skin ulcers on multiple body parts, multiple hospitalizations, depression, and muscle loss that resulted in me being wheelchair bound for a number of weeks.

I have been told by doctors that my body is shutting down and yet still by the grace of God I am here to raise my three children.

I have been living with lupus for 14 years now and refuse to let it bring me down. My favorite phrase is “she’s got lupus, lupus does not have her”. I sell lupus awareness gear here on my blog

I am always available to offer support and encouragement on your own lupus journey. You can email me at anytime. Or contact me through social media: Instagram: shesgotlupus, Facebook: Rosadela Durruthy, Twitter: @rosadela619

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