With Valentine’s Day a few days away, I wanted to talk about love with my readers. The greatest love you’ll ever find that will help get you far in life and happiness. No, I don’t have some witches brew to make your crush fall in love with you. Sorry. The kind of love I’m talking about is self love.

Self love is regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. Self love motivates you to make healthy choices in life and when you hold yourself in a high esteem, you’re more likely to choose things that nurture your well being and serve you. If you truly want to get better and learn to love your life, you need to start with the most important part – self-love.
When you start choosing yourself first and hold yourself in high esteem you start making better choices for your love life, your career, your health.

Writing a love letter to yourself is a perfect way to nurture positive feelings about yourself. If you don’t love yourself, then who will right? If you want to boost your positive emotions, happiness, and inner peace than I suggest at least once in your life you take a minute to sit down and write a letter to yourself. After that follow up with positive affirmations daily. Doing this will be like watering a plant. Every day you feed yourself positivity your outlook on life and happiness will grow.

Here are some things to consider when writing your own personal love letter to self.

  • Your ups and downs, moments of weakness, happiest and saddest moments. Remembering all the downs reminds you of all the things that you have overcome and how resilient you are.
  • Write down what you love about yourself. You can put anything at all. Your determination. Your caring for others. The way you parent. Be honest and dig deep. Remember showing love to yourself is not you boasting, but rather you learning to embrace all of your qualities.
  • Accept that you are not your flaws. No one is perfect. Social media makes it so easy to compare our lives with the picture perfect images we see all over. We look at all the people surrounding us, and we feel like they’re so much better than us or have it all figured out. But, the truth is we all have flaws. So when you write your letter, make sure you tell yourself you accept yourself, flaws and all.
  • Let go of the things from the past and lift that burden off your chests. We all make mistakes at some point and there are things in our past that make us feel down. Its no good to hold on to that so acknowledge your past mistakes, embrace what you did, ask for an apology and then let it go.
  • Be supportive of all your ideas and encourage yourself to take risks, be daring, and aim at higher goals. Give yourself the support you need by writing yourself encouraging and supporting messages.
  • Include positive affirmation to yourself such as “You are capable.”, “You are strong and you will get through this” was my personal savior every time I started to get sick with another lupus flare up.

Once you start the rest flows easily. At first it may seem silly to do this but once your letter is complete, you will realize how necessary it is. Good luck.

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